Kazuko Aoki [Japanese embroidery artist]

This page introduces Kazuko Aoki . She is Japanese popular embroidery designer.

Kazuko Aoki Embroidered Wild Flowers - Japanese Craft Book
by Kazuko Aoki’s Embroidered Wild Flowers

Her lifestyle enjoys garden work and uses it for embroidery. Here are plenty of works that are born from that style. 

Kazuko Aoki Embroidered Kitchen Garden - Japanese Craft Book
by Kazuko Aoki’s Embroidered Kitchen Garden

After graduating from Musashino Art University, she worked in research and marketing as a color planner at the Japan Color Design Institute.

After that, she went to Sweden to learn about the beauty of nature and design, and the balance of life work among friends’ designers. Currently she designs embroidery books and kits. The book is translated in France, China, South Korea and Taiwan, and the kit is sold worldwide by France DMC.

Kazuko Aoki ‘s Books