1 color embroidery and small sundries by Yumiko Higuchi

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A very popular stitch artist Yumiko Higuchi’s book.This books introduce embroidery which finishes in one color. We propose works that can be challenged easily for embroidered beginners.

Paperback: 95 pages
Publisher:Bunka publishing (2013)
Language : Japanese


Botanical garden 6/58
Garnish pouch 8/56

Floral pattern 10/60
Clutch bag 9/76

Night forest 12/62
Book cover 13/77

Mimose 14/63
Hat Thai 15/78

Soft flower 16/64
Cloth collar 17/78

Red tree 18/65
Cushion 19/79

Silhouette of flower 20/65
Garden Apron 21/80

Coral 22/66
Poached porch 23/80

Floral pattern 24/67
Hair band 25/81

Ribbon 26/66
Mini petite pouch 27/82

Herb garden 28/68
Cross 30/83

Blue Tile 31/70
Pink cushion 31/83

Birds and Tree 32/71
Gift card 33/84

Snow crystal 34/72
Hottie case 33/84

Paisley 36/73
Pouch 37/86

Small flower 38/74
Brooch 38/87

Birds 39/74
Ornament 39/88

Margaret 40/72
Sachet 41/88

Whale 42/75
Stay 43/89

Dandelion 44/72
T-shirt 45/90

Feather 46/75
Baby dress 47/90

How to make
Tool 49
Thread 50
Material 51
Stitching and embroidery basics 52
How to Make Miscellaneous Goods 56


Yumiko Higuchi


Born in 1975. After graduating from Tama Art University, she worked as handmade bag designer.
After selling artworks at the shop and exhibiting works, I started activities as an embroidery artist from 2008.
We are producing and publishing original embroidery using animals such as plants and insects as motifs.

Yumiko Higuchi’s Books

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