Embroidery of characters by annas

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Hiragana, numbers, alphabet …
To tote bag, handkerchief, paradise goods and birthday celebration …
A lot of ideas, words of yarn spelling my feelings

Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Kobunsha (2017)
Language : Japanese


Chapter 1 Various fonts
Alice font / Scandinavian font / citrus font / number & minimum font /
Simple font of hiragana & katakana / fancy font etc.

Chapter 2 Magazines and stuff
Oyayubi Hime / Red Shoes / Hansel and Gretel / Snack Time / Little Mermaid /

Chapter 3 words to give
Wedding board / ring pillow / memorial board for baby /
Welcome board / greeting card etc.


annas(Anna Kawabata)


Embroidery artist, Illustrator. After serving as a kindergarten teacher, She worked as an embroidery artist.
She is president of popular embroidery class “Atelier Anna and Lapin”.

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