A Book about Thread Buttons

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A thread button is a traditional European handicraft made by winding a thread around a flat core or ring.
You can make various patterns depending on how you hang the thread.
In this book, 19 types of flat core buttons and 22 types of ring buttons are carefully explained from the basics, and examples of arrangement and usage are also posted.
This is a how-to book that makes it easy to wind a thread and the fun and beauty of the buttons.
The basic buttons and their applications are posted here.
If you know the basics well, you can think of your own arrangement by winding and color matching.
You will want to make many beautifully lined yarns and small, adorable buttons.
It’s fun just to make buttons, but you can change the buttons on clothes to handmade thread buttons or use them as practical products.

Paperback: 112 pages
Publisher: Graphic (2019)
Language : Japanese


tik2chidori (tikutiku chidori)


12 years of training in batten race (qualified as a teacher).
6 years experience in making thread buttons.
She also loves old handicraft books.

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