Canaria embroidery by Margarita & Fumiho

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Canary embroidery is an embroidery transmitted to the Spanish Canary Islands. It features beautiful motifs that make full use of Delon work techniques, and is loved and inherited by the people of Canary by being given to small items in daily life such as national costumes and tableware.
This book introduces beautiful pictures from small doily to tablecloths.
In order to make it easy for even inexperienced people to understand, the process photos are used to explain the process, and the basic stitch thread flow is explained in an illustration.
There are 20 works.

Paperback: 72 pages
Publisher: Magazine land (2017)
Language : Japanese


Fumiho Tokudome

Member of the Japan Handicraft Association. President of Canary Embroidery Class MyF.
Since 1999, he has studied under Margarita Padilla on Gran Canaria Island, and has mastered the original canary crafts “canary embroidery” transmitted to the Canary Islands.
After returning to Japan in 2003, he has been trying to spread it.

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