Felt design work by Kazue Nakajima

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Book that makes fashionable accessories with felt.
Fashionable motifs can be easily created by adding techniques such as embroidery and wrapping to shapes such as circles, triangles and squares.
The motif will be developed into practical accessories such as pouches and bags.
Felt makes it easy to make a cute piece in a short time because it doesn’t require sewing clearance and it can be used without both sides.
How to make a motif is explained thoroughly in the photographic process. This is a handmade idea book.

Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Graphic (2019)
Language : Japanese


Kazue Nakajima


Handicraft artist. In 1989, she studied with quilt designer Kumiko Fujita. Based on the teachings of Fujita, a graphic designer, not only patchwork, but also all sorts of handicrafts, unfolding and releasing works. Above all, She likes to produce embroidery thread and felt. In 2011, Kumiko Fujita and unit “F.O.I” (FIRST OF INFINITY) were formed. Proposed typography quilts with the theme of letters and published many magazines.

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