Cut it! Paste it! Make embroidery Play with felt by PieniSieni

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Even after cutting the felt with scissors it is OK to leave. According to the design, cut the parts with bonds. Please embroider on it. Only this alone will make it a wonderful work.

Plus the embroidery, the quality of the work increases greatly. A felt with good needle threading is easy to embroider.
Brooch, charm, hair accessories, bags and various other works posted. Also, how to handle felt, how to tailor accessories, real size large paper, embroidery design also posted.

Paperback: 80 pages
Publisher: Magazine land (2017)
Language : Japanese




She devised three-dimensional embroidery by off-hoop technique which does not use embroidery frame. She is producing colorful flowers and insects with beads and embroidery on the sheet felt.

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