Felt embroidery flower picture book by PieniSieni

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From roses to familiar flowers such as dandelions, Margaret, to introduce how to make all kinds of patterns and how to make gorgeous flowers perfect for dresses and formal attire such as cherry blossoms, camellia, lilies etc. She use the felt of the same color as the embroidery thread, so it is safe even if the base looks a little. It is a way to make a new embroidery that can clean up to the edge without using a frame.

Beautiful flowers of solid embroidery based on felt.
Embroider the felt cut along the pattern paper and assemble it into a flower shape. A photograph explains 35 techniques, such as wrapping embroidery thread around a mountain and making petals, wire stem attachment method, and making wood beads fruit.
It is a preserved version packed with the foundation of felt embroidery of PieniSieni.

Paperback: 112 pages
Publisher: Japan Vogue (2018)
Language : Japanese




She devised three-dimensional embroidery by off-hoop technique which does not use embroidery frame. She is producing colorful flowers and insects with beads and embroidery on the sheet felt.

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