Felt embroidery flowers and butterflies: 24 beautiful landscapes by PieniSieni

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The off-hoop technique of embroidering felt without using an embroidery frame creates 6 flowers and 18 butterflies.

By using felt as the core, you can create a solid and thick work, contrary to the apparent delicacy.
The embroidery is mainly blanket stitch and satin stitch.
We have a wide range of butterflies, from small cabbage white butterflies that can be used as accessories to large powerful butterflies.
Enjoy the beautiful and mysterious world of three-dimensional embroidery.

■ Table of contents

Nanohana / Monshirochou / Rose / Benget Swallowtail / Benimonshirochou / Safford Swallowtail / Sweet Pee / Okaba Madara / Jordan Ageha / Kuginuki Futao / Ogomadara Taimai / Sumire / Tsumamurasaki Madara / Takanekujakuageha / Druhogeha Swallowtail butterfly / Borneoxyta swallowtail butterfly / Swallowtail butterfly / Eratodokucho / Swallowtail butterfly / Swallowtail butterfly

How to make
Material list, how to read the actual large paper / Materials and tools / Before production / Basic technique 1 ・ 2 / Technique of each flower / Recipe of each work / Stitch used

Paperback: 111 pages
Publisher: Seibundo shinkosha (2021.01)
Language : Japanese




She devised three-dimensional embroidery by off-hoop technique which does not use embroidery frame. She is producing colorful flowers and insects with beads and embroidery on the sheet felt.

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