The smallest felt flower accessory by PieniSieni

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This new book from Pieni Sieni’s felt flower-making series introduces small flower and plant accessories to wear.

Why don’t you make small flowers steadily using high-quality felt “pure wool” with nuance color?

We have posted 60 and 50 patterns of accessories with flowers and leaves, fruit brooches, which are more delicate and can be dressed from a single wheel.

■ Table of contents

WILD FLOWER Wildflower

Scabiosa / Shirotaegiku / Suzuran / Edelweiss / Wild Rose / Hahacoguza / Tsuyukusa / Lewisia / Cattail / Halzion / Hartade / Dandelion / Sagittaria trifolia / Wasurenagusa / Karamatsusou / Inumurasaki / Karasunoendo / Niwazekisho / Oxalis / White clover Spring chrysanthemum / Aster yomena / Oxalis / Hatpin / Halzion accessories / Spring announcement flower accessories / Cushion bouquet accessories


Ranunculus / Narcissus / Daffodil / Zinnia / Poppy / Margaret / Chocolate Cosmos / Rose / Dahlia / Anemone / Umebachisou / Violet / Daisy / Snowdrop / Tulip / Narcissus / Freesia / Floret Hair Clip / Violet Fleur Accessory

LEAF, TREE, BERRY & NUTS Leaf, Tree, Berry & Nuts

Hedera / Eucalyptus Cinerea / Eucalyptus Poporus / Cherry / Hydrangea / Kinmokusei / Lilac / Kinmizuhiki / Fir / Rosehip / Mistletoe / Pine brooch / Suguri / Blueberry / Nut wreath brooch / Mimosa and eucalyptus accessories / Acorn autumn accessories

ACCESORY COLLECTION accessories collection

White Wildflower Accessories / Wild Rose Accessories / Sweet Rose Accessories / Botanical Bouquet Accessories / Blue Flower Accessories / Bloom Violet Accessories / Minimal Floral Accessories

How to make a HOW TO work

Order of flower making and how to read the explanation page / Introduction-Preparation and usage of materials / Common techniques of A to T / How to make works / List of materials and tools used for works / How to make accessories / Actual large felt paper

Paperback: 120 pages
Publisher: X-knowledge (2020)
Language : Japanese




She devised three-dimensional embroidery by off-hoop technique which does not use embroidery frame. She is producing colorful flowers and insects with beads and embroidery on the sheet felt.

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