Flower accessories of 12 months made from three-dimensional embroidery by PieniSieni

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It’s so easy! Let’s make cute and beautiful flowers weaving with embroidery threads.
Three-dimensional embroidery produced with this book embroidered with felt as the core without using embroidery frame.
Thickness comes out in petals so flowers become three-dimensional, and various facial expressions are born.
Since the back side of flowers and leaves is also covered with embroidery thread, even if it is tailored as an accessory, it finishes beautifully.

Since the basic is only blanket stitching and satin stitching, I think that even beginners can feel free to start.
This book decides the theme of the flower of 12 months and introduces how to make accessories with it as a motif.

Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: KADOKAWA (2018)
Language : Japanese


January camellia
February daffodil
March cherry tree
April white clay and clover
May Roses
June hydrangea
July Lily
August Aoi
September Clematis
October autumn cherry trees
November pansy and viola
December Christmas rose




She devised three-dimensional embroidery by off-hoop technique which does not use embroidery frame. She is producing colorful flowers and insects with beads and embroidery on the sheet felt.

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