Alice Makabe Wildlife Embroidery Story

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Alice Makabe, who is popular for her embroidery that expresses familiar flowers with a unique composition.
Focusing on the beloved plant that is attracted to its shape, adding birds, insects, and animals,
We will deliver 36 embroidery works full of respect for the natural world together with seasonal stories. With design & stitch explanation.

Paperback: 79 pages
Publisher: Shufu to seikatsusha (2020)
Language : Japanese


Makabe Alice


Embroidery artist. She is active in offering work to handicraft magazine, holding of private exhibition, workshop, participation in plan exhibition. If She can form small impressions and pleasures that She feels in the flow of the season … She move the needle every day. I am in charge of correspondence course “Makabe Alis’s flower embroidery lesson” by JAPAN Vogue.

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