Botanical embroidery by Alice Makabe

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Layered petals, straight stems, small round nuts, and a series of fine leaves like lace. The flowers and leaves that Makabe alis embroidered with are designed by combining attractive shapes of various plants. Embroider the soothing plants on bags, pouches, cushions, panels that decorate your room, etc. with simple stitches that are easy for everyone to stab. We also introduce ideas for stitching on established aprons and linen cloths, as well as arrangement works that change the color matching of base cloth and embroidery thread. With a basic page of how to make a real-size design, small works, and embroidery.

Paperback: 80 pages
Publisher: JAPAN VOGUE (2019)
Language : Japanese


Makabe Alice


Embroidery artist. She is active in offering work to handicraft magazine, holding of private exhibition, workshop, participation in plan exhibition. If She can form small impressions and pleasures that She feels in the flow of the season … She move the needle every day. I am in charge of correspondence course “Makabe Alis’s flower embroidery lesson” by JAPAN Vogue.

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1 review for Botanical embroidery by Alice Makabe

  1. Amazon Japan customer

    Although it is a bold design, it seems to be surprisingly simple embroidery.

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