Embroidery garden by Rei Yanase

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A book that embroiders beautiful and delicate plants, such as lace and embroidered cloth.
At first glance it looks difficult, but the stitches I use are simple and basic.
There is a difference between taking one embroidery thread and two embroidery threads, as well as interesting combinations of plants and colors.
It seems that the claim is strong, and when it is tailored as a practical product, only the embroidery does not look floating, and it is attractive that it is easy to use.
It is a embroidery book that is a bit different from the classic popular plant motif.

Paperback: 112 pages
Publisher: Graphic (2019)
Language : Japanese

Author : Rei Yanase

Rei Yanase


Embroidery and accessories artist.
After graduating from the Setu Mode Seminar, he started making accessories and creating self-taught embroidery.
In addition to holding group and private exhibitions several times a year, they also participate in events.

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