juno’s embroidery notebook – plants, animals and stories drawn by embroidery

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The first book by embroidery artist juno.
The plants are delicate and beautiful, and the animals are realistic embroidery that draws the texture with just threads, which makes you want to touch it lively.

From the popular galaxy swallows to the new specimen-like designs, the story-like embroidery is exciting and fun just to look at.
It may seem difficult at first glance, but the stitching is very simple.

You can freely arrange and enjoy it by taking out a part of the design and stabbing it, making it into a small item like the posted work, or stabbing it in ready-made clothes.

The characteristic three-dimensional stitches and the unique stab method of juno are explained in the photo.

[Table of Contents]
Plant embroidery Lots of flowers, mimosa, chamomile purse pochette, pocket flowers, dandelions, spring flower bags, dried flower embroidery, dried flowers, butterfly envelope case / animal embroidery , Cat cushion, cat bag, squirrel blanket, swallow, feather, swallow bag / natural shape embroidery galaxy swallow, minerals, natural stone embroidery, sea and mountain forehead / Column travel and embroidery, book and embroidery / Landscape embroidery Lemon bags, beaches, ski / thread footprints, tools, materials, embroidery, designs and creations

Paperback: 112 pages
Publisher: graphic (2021)
Language : Japanese

Author : juno


Embroidery artist.
She creates clothes and accessories that are embroidered with beautiful and exciting things.
She mainly works on consignment sales and exhibitions of works at shops.

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