Embroidery of wild flowers and small animals by Mayuka Morimoto

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Small animals such as flowers, squirrels, rabbits, and small birds.
By superimposing and stitching threads of different colors, we will reproduce a refined texture. Please enjoy the cute animals and cherry blossoms that are about to start moving with embroidery.Drawing small animals along the coat with stinging, it looks dense and unexpectedly simple and enjoyable work.
Basically, it is roughly stabbed with 2 stitching stitches and it is prepared with 1 stitch stitch.

Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Japan Bungeisha (2018)
Language : Japanese


Mayuka Morimoto


She lives in Hokkaido. Working on WEB SHOP “cherin-cherin” abundantly handling overseas handicrafts, She will offer works to handicraft magazines. It also provides recipes for precise animals and grasshoppers for publications abroad such as France and continues to serialize.

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