Ten to sen pattern embroidery , A nice pattern embroidery drawn by hand stitching

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The nature of the northern country, the changing of the seasons, and the scenery of the memory that comes to mind when you close your eyes—the design of the “dot and line pattern factory” created from various images became the design of the acupuncture. If you stab the whole pattern, you can treat it as a piece of cloth, and if you stab a small motif, you can treat it as one point. There are 20 patterns that you can enjoy depending on your ideas.

Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Graphic (2017)
Language : Japanese


Rieko Oka (Ten to sen)


Born in Hokkaido, Japan, 1981.TOKAI UNIVERSITY Graduate School (2001-2004).
School of Design Course of Integrated Design Studies In the school I replicated wallpapers of William Morris by woodcut printing to learn construction of the patterns and how to create them.Using that way I created my own wallpaper called “Kitaguni No Kabegamimoyou(Pattern on wallpaper from Northern country)”Afterwards She started to create fabric because She think it is closer to our or daily life.

She started Ten to Sen as my solo project in 2008.There are many things which are visible like scenery or plants on the other hand there are things which are invisible like winter cold or rain sound.I create patterns being inspired by scenery in our ordinary life or our memories to enjoy decorating room or make something by hand.

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