Flower embroidery brooch with chic color thread and beads

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Flower petal brooch with lovely bead accent on three-dimensional feel of fluffy thread. Featuring monotone and grayish pink, blue and other suppressed colors. Mainly brooches, how to make earrings, necklaces and collars.

Paperback: 95 pages
Publisher: Bunka Publishing (2018)
Language : Japanese


TINY FLOWER small flower of wool yarn
SMALL ─ p.6
MEDIUM – p. 7

Chamomile – p.10
Daisy – p.11
Pioneer – p.12
Mirror – p.13
Perl – p.14
Christmas roses – p.15
Color – p.18
Snowbury – p.18
Crocus – p.19
Earring – p.20, 21
Viola – p.22
Viola’s One Ear Earring – p.23
Camellia’s colored collar – p.24
Mimosa’s cloth collar ─ p.25
Tulip – p.26
Pink diamond ─ p.27
Margaret – p.28
Lease – p.29
Hydrangea circle – p.30
Margaret Oval – p.31
Anemone’s Necklace – p.32
Lilac – p.33
Novara – p.34
Rose – p.35
Hydrangea – p.36
Ruri – p.37
Gentian ─ p. 37
Rose necklace – p.38
Daffodils p.39
Vanilla – p. 40
Violet – p.41

HOW TO MAKE ─ p. 42


Ayano Kobayashi(acou:)

Born in 1990. She lives in Osaka prefecture. After learning Haute Couture embroidery, start the brand “acou: (Aku)” of embroidery brooch from 2015. She is actives in selling artworks at shops and participating in exhibitions. Flower motifs lovely to suppress color are familiar to a wide range of age groups.

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