Cute mirror embroidery

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This book introduces original designs and works by authors who learned mirror embroidery locally. From the basic technique of mirror embroidery, how to decorate, how to expand the original pattern, easy to understand commentary. It is composed so that you can master the basics and spread the world of embroidery with each sensitivity. Fun patterns such as ideas to decorate existing clothes from accessories are posted, plans are also posted in an easy-to-understand manner, and you can enjoy from embroidery beginners to advanced users. At the end of the book, about the history and culture of mirror embroidery, contributed by Mr. Yoko Ueba, a National Ethnographic Museum.

Paperback: 127 pages
Publisher: seibundo shinkosha (2019)
Language : Japanese


The charm of embroidery that I met in India’s journey
Mirror embroidery materials and tools
How to inherit yarns on the way
Stitch used in this manual
Mirror work process
How to make a mirror work base How to make a base of a mirror other than a circle
Common failure examples and countermeasures
Wrapping something other than a mirror
Combination of mirror work A and stitch
Basic stitch to decorate mirror work

01 Hair Rubber
02 Eco bag
03 Luncheon mat
04 Pendant
05 Iron Bell
06 Hikiyama
07 Scissor case
08 Broach
09 Bird brooch
10 Hand mirror
11 Earrings, earrings
12 Paisley
13 Flower motif wall hanging
14 striped shirt
15 sweater (darning)
16 Apron
17 One Piece Red
18 One Piece Navy
19 slippers
20 Espadol
21 Pot holders
22 Zipper Pouch
23 roll pouch
Arrangement of Indian traditional patterns
(Special Contribution) The world surrounding mirror embroidery: Yoko Ueba

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