180 Designs of Traditional and Original Quilt Blocks by Suzuko Koseki

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The first pattern collection of Suzuko Koseki, a popular quilt artist in Japan. The patchwork pattern is indispensable for making patchwork, but the illustrations of 180 patterns selected by the author from a number of patterns and the patterns actually sewn with matching fabrics are posted.Not only the pattern but also the pattern sewn together with the cloth, so it will be helpful for selecting the cloth and color matching. It is a book that can be seen only because the author is a popular color and usage of cloth. Examples of works using the posted patterns and columns, basic sewing methods selected by the artists, etc. are also posted.

Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Graphic (2020)
Language : Japanese

Author : Suzuko Koseki

Suzuko Koseki

Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Bunka Fashion College. Entered Chuck Spatchwork School in 1987. Studied under Nohara Chuck and learned the fun and depth of quilt color matching. Exhibited in the 1985 “50 Quilts Exhibition in Japan”. 1990 Special prize at the “Expo International Flower Quilt”.

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