The shape pf Japan – 750 Patchwork Patterns by Kumiko Fujita

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A collection of patchwork patterns reconstructing Japanese motifs and images with the beauty of shapes such as circles, triangles and squares.
By using Japanese colors in combination with Japanese culture, thoughts, events, customs, costumes, spirits, characters, meals, nature, etc., a minimalistic Japanese pattern was projected.
All original new patterns are 750, and there are also explanations of photos of basic sewing methods and explanations of traditional Japanese colors.
In addition to Japanese pattern names, English names can also be entered for enjoyment overseas.
Examples of sewing patterns by actually matching colors and bags are also introduced.

Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Graphic (2019)
Language : Japanese


Kumiko Fujita


Born in Tokyo. Majored in graphic design at the Department of Modeling at Women’s Art Junior College. After graduating, worked as a quilt designer after working as a graphic designer. Presided over the Kumiko Fujita Quilters Studio, a classroom where you can learn original designs centered on patchwork with the motto of simplicity. In 2011, she established the unit “FIRST OF INFINITY” with Kazue Nakajima.

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