An Embroidered Book of Natural History Motifs

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A collection of designs that look like natural museums by popular Japanese embroidery artist atsumi.
A collection of scientific motifs, such as trees, leaves, flowers, fish, shells, ores, and snowflakes, with the theme of “designs like natural paintings”.
A page with one work per page is a beautiful book itself. It’s a fun collection of books that you can stab based on the design and just look around the pages.

Paperback: 127 pages
Publisher: Shogakukan (2019)
Language : Japanese




After graduating from Tama Art University, she started working as an apparel maker and embroidery artist after working for the university.
In addition to holding solo exhibitions based on embroidery-based works, she is involved in activities such as collaboration work with artists and companies that handle different materials, provision of materials for animation, production of paintings, and workshops.

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