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One of the handicrafts that have been handed down in Aomori for a long time. Yuko Ueki, a native of Tohoku who began to stab her feelings as familiar, began to design her own fun designs as she stabbed various traditional patterns. Among them, the “iron bottle” introduced in the coverage of the embroidery magazine is so popular that it is inundated with inquiries. From there, a lot of unique kogin sashi was born, such as Aomori’s apple, Yamagata’s cherry, Miyagi’s kokeshi … This book features both cute creations and traditional patterns that are easy to stab and feel the beauty of use. We propose easy-to-make items such as drawstrings, bags, and mini mats. Includes the basics of kogin stab and a lesson page for purse.

Paperback: 64 pages
Publisher: Japan vogue (2016)
Language : Japanese

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