Small Japanese Embroidery-Flowers and Plants- by Naoko Asaga

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Japanese embroidery uses silk thread, gold thread, and silver thread, which is called “Kamaito”.
The beauty produced from the luster and delicacy of this silk is exceptional.
Depending on the direction of the thread, the direction of light, and the viewing angle
It is unique to silk thread that the color and gloss of the thread look different.

It is a Japanese embroidery that seems to be difficult, but in this book, the traditional Japanese embroidery
We propose with a little cute design that can be done with several typical techniques.

Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Kawade shobo Publishing (2019)
Language : Japanese


● Drawing design
Plum, Hobo-Kaki, Aoi, Forget-me-not, Wild Rose, Wild Rose, Mioza, Mimosa, Kikyo, Morning Glory,
Jiro flower, hydrangea, olive, apple, cherry peach, persimmon, autumn cherry, peony,
Tulip, Mitsuoi 15th Floor, Sakura, Nanten, Sukuki, Carnation,
Ryubori, Nemu tree, water lily leaf, coconut tree, bell bell grass, cormorant, birch, devour, salmon,
Annular wood casket, Japanese lantern, sheep, wheat, dokudami, deer, cocoon,
Yin-gumi Migo Yae bellflower, arabesque, flowing autumn leaves, blue autumn leaves, hemp leaves, thin, pine, pine needles

Embroidered a small bag
Hoshiume bowl, Mitsuwari plum embroidery
Embroidered with bonito, Nanten and Shantou chrysanthemum
Embroidery on the furoshiki

● Basic sewing
・ Slick
・ Drilling
・ Vertical drilling
・ Horizontal
・ Tension binding
・ Clearance
・ Saara sewing
・ Sashimi
・ Meat sewing
・ Stitch sewing and binding presser
・ Komadori


Naoko Asaga


While she was in the fashion school, she was making garments at the theater.
After that, she learned Japanese embroidery when she worked at a kimono shop.
She has been working as an embroidery artist since 2012, using Japanese embroidery and French embroidery techniques.

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