MANMARU Weaving – Accessories and miscellaneous goods by Harumi Kageyama

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Let’s make accessories and accessories in daily life with handmade looms such as cardboard and cards.


“Weaving” has the image of a square sheet, but that is not the case, and if you devise a loom, you can weave it completely.
Moreover, the weaving machine can be easily made with familiar materials.
Of course, the works are convenient and easy to use, interesting, fun, cute, fashionable, etc.
I will introduce such a work.


[Handmade looms that appear]
Card weaving machine
Cardboard loom
Kinchaku weaving machine
Tube loom
Frame weaving machine


■ Table of contents
Wrapped button motifs / candy necklace / candy bracelet / silver bracelet & pierce / five ring brooch / daisy pin brooch

Tree Brooch & Earrings / Ring Collection / Round Pouch / Mobile Spray Pouch / Acorn Kinchaku / Maiden Nachibi Kinchaku / Cardigan Button

Round coaster variation / Pan laying / Pot petit bow / Drawer knob cover / Chair leg socks

Accent Alphabet / Hanger Cover / Flower Base Cover / Cactus Pin Cushion / Key Hat / Korokoro WORD Game

Art weaving with embroidery frame / important “h” / looking up at the sky / green bouquet for you

Let’s make a loom and weave!
Tools necessary for round weaving

Lesson1 Card & Cardboard Weaving Machine
How to make a loom / Basic (plain weave) weave / Wind weave

Lesson2 Weaving machine
How to make a loom / Basic weaving

Lesson3 Arrange weaving & loom
Flower weaving with a flower weaving machine / Lillian weaving with a weaving machine while arranging / Art weaving with an embroidery frame

Ingredients and how to make

[End of book] Card weaving machine Real large paper

Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Seibundo shinkosha (2021)
Language : Japanese

Author : Harumi Kageyama

Harumi Kageyama

Handmade creator.
After she was involved in various book making in editing production, she became free.
Developed her own method and produced works of all genres from fashionable accessories to interior goods.
She also runs a freestyle “+ h atelier classroom” where she brings in her favorite materials and makes what she wants to make each time, including instructors at workshops and culture schools.

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