White thread embroidery [Japanese embroidery book]

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A collection of motifs starting with white thread and acupuncture for word robe. This book is also recommended as an introduction to white thread acupuncture, since it uses mainly simple stitches for stabbing.
It is a photo commentary of the stitch.

Paperback: 92 pages
Publisher: X-Knowledge (2019)
Language : Japanese


WHITE WOEK I-White monochrome
White handkerchief
Walnut button
Monochrome shawl
Longing motif race

WHITE WOEK II-Graceful white line
Frame pattern
Cross motif
Persimmon and fruit pattern
Rabbit tail
White rose
Flower pattern

WHITE WOEK III-small white decoration
Cutwork sampler
Scallop border
Loop border
Training cloth of satin stitch with core

WHITE WOEK IV-Seasonal white drawer
White blossom
Ballet shoes
White mosaic
Eyelet sampler
Swan stitch work
Ribbon stitch work
Winter knit pattern

Column-message / monogram

LESSON white thread embroidery


Naoko Asaga


While she was in the fashion school, she was making garments at the theater.
After that, she learned Japanese embroidery when she worked at a kimono shop.
She has been working as an embroidery artist since 2012, using Japanese embroidery and French embroidery techniques.

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