Colorful and lovely sashiko towels and accessories by sashikonami

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Popular sashiko. Among them, it is popular to stab delicate patterns such as one-eyed stabs and stabs with colored threads.

This is the first author’s book by sashikonami, who announced the original design of sashiko from traditional patterns and is also popular on Instagram.

Introducing an easy-to-stab and practical cloth that is made by stabbed a nice design into a mini size of 20 cm width, which is smaller than the conventional sashiko cloth, and combined with color gauze.

In addition, we also introduce colorful accessories such as drawstring purses, pouches, and masks that use various types of threads and linen according to the design.

Items in different colors and patterns are also posted. Introducing the basics of sashiko and tips for beautifully stabs, which are unique to a research enthusiast. All 47 designs are posted.

Paperback: 80 pages
Publisher: Japan Vogue (2020)
Language : Japanese
ISBN : 978-4529060349

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