Temaricious’s Temari Balls (Thread balls)

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In addition to the traditional patterns peculiar to Temari, techniques such as embroidery are applied, and works that satisfy beginners to advanced users are posted with free ideas and techniques. It is a handicraft that anyone can make their own flowers by letting their hearts play and enjoying making Temari.

Paperback: 95 pages
Publisher: Bunka publishing (2020)
Language : Japanese
ISBN : 978-4579117239

Author : Temaricious


A brand of vegetable dyed yarn and Temari, which is run by Rika Abe and Naho Izumi.
After living in Europe and working as an office worker in a different industry, he started “Temaricious” in his 40s.
Abe is mainly in charge of designing temari and vegetable dyes, and Izumi is in charge of producing.
Currently, we are selling original products in Japan and overseas, and holding lessons on dyeing hands and plants.
By proposing products and lessons as a place for casual “communication” with yourself and others,
Communicate the joy and abundance of being “like yourself”.
In the “Temaricious” atelier, across borders, cultures, genders, and generations
Many “Temalists” gather.

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